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Owl-i Monitor Solution

Keep watch over your RV, boat, plane, house, holiday home or other asset remotely, wherever you are. The Owl-i Monitor is a device that you can place inside whatever you'd like to keep an eye on. It includes alarms and sensors that enable alerts when alarms occur or sensor readings go out of range of acceptable thresholds. Alarms include motion, sound, vibration, and 1 user defined alarm. Sensors include temperature, humidity, light, battery power, combustible gas, carbon monoxide gas, dust / smoke, 3 user defined sensors, and location (latitude, longitude, altitude).

There are many use cases enabled by the Owl-i Monitor ranging from receiving alerts on sensor values, to intrusion alarms, geo-fencing, navigation and more.

The Owl-i Monitor device uploads data securely over the cellular wireless network and stores it securely in the OwliSolutions.com cloud. You can then securely access your information and receive alerts on your Android or iOS device, or any device that supports a web browser including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. You can setup sensor thresholds so you receive alerts when sensor values go out of defined ranges. You can remotely configure the alarms, sensors and upload frequency (bandwidth usage) of the Owl-i Monitor device. See our short overview video for how this all works together to give you peace of mind, wherever you are.

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